The agency begins to focus on the needs of Spanish speaking Puerto Rican residents of Woburn around English language tutoring, housing issues, food and clothing needs, information on government entitlements & rights, job opportunities, and interpretation & translation assistance. A drop-in center is opened to handle these concerns.


1970 – Hispanic Kindergarten opens 

1973 – Thrift Shop and Children’s Center in Woburn open

1974 – Broadens purpose from focusing on primarily Hispanic members of the community to all lower-income persons and the elderly. Children’s Center in Burlington opens 

1975 – Substance Abuse Hotline, Senior Citizen Program, and Legal Assistance Program start 

1978 – Youth Service Counseling & Drop-in Center opens 

1979 – Home Sharing Program starts 


1980 – Purchases 19 Campbell Street office building. Family Childcare Program and Senior Center open 

1983 – Neighbor Network (foster family-based emergency shelter for teens) opens 

1984 – Food Pantry Program opens 

1985 – Parent Aide Program opens 

1986 – Woburn Veteran’s Memorial Senior Center open 

1988 – First auction is held 


1992 – Youth Service Tracking Program opens 

1994 – Family Skill Building – Parenting Education Program beings 

1999 – Begins process of transitioning the Senior Center to the Woburn Council on Aging 


2003 – The agency opens its new 17,532 square foot facility at 2 Merrimac Street in Woburn and offers all of its programs together under one roof 

2004 – Supervised Visitation Program begins 

2006 – First annual golf tournament begins 

2009 – First live telethon is held 


2012 – The Club of Social Concern is formed at Woburn High School to provide youth with volunteer opportunities in support of the agency and rapidly becomes one of the High School’s biggest and most active clubs 

2013 – The club is featured on Channel 7 for the “Can Castle” built by students from collecting cans across all Woburn schools 

2019 – 50th ANNIVERSARY 

Council of Social Concern celebrates its 50th anniversary and continues to provide the following services: Children’s Center, Family Childcare System, Food Pantry, Parenting Education, and Information & Referral.